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Software solutions that work!

Today, information technology is our “primary education” and we love to assist our clients with this intriguing toolset.



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Contracting and consultancy

We set goals, man the team and make the solution come to life

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We help rethink your business software and hardware based on your actual needs and make your IT environment work efficiently

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Software development

We provide all services related to software development: project management, business and system analysis, programming and testing

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Woodpecker MES-ERP

Industry 4.0 is here – a solution developed for the timber industry, that handles contract managements, productions and all forms of logistics.

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Public procurements

Carrying out and consulting on public procurements

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Accessibility – we help your systems to meet the criteriums of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

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Identity and Access Management

Crisis Management

Software development and project management in a state of emergency


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Information technology is our skill, key, passion, commitment and job.

As a potential member of the Heisi team, you will get to do software development here. But that is far from all – only those will excel who also manage to get to root of our partners and clients needs. In other words “A Heisi employee is also an employee of the client” – and that’s it! What is needed, that we will do and if there is a better way, you will know.

Today, Heisi has already been on the market for 5 years. In this short period of time, Heisi has successfully taken a firm place among its peers as a company and continues to thrive. Some of Heisi’s accolades include “Äripäev” as a Gazelle Company as well as a Successful Company founded in 2014. Heisi has also received recognitions from the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as being a member of it. Heisi is also ISO 9001:2015 certified and therefore all services provided by Heisi are internationally accredited.

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Our team

Ease of communication and out of the box – to summarize us. Our greatest assets are our wickedly talented members, partners and superb clients – and you can be a part of them as well! Oh and by the way – we pay our taxes and on time!

Raul Raudsepp, MSc


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